Meet the Wedding Party



Best Man

Gabriel Gessler

I met Gabe at a bar while I was interning in Washington D.C. through Jeremiah. He was very excited to meet me (not sure if this was an affect of the booze or not haha) asked for my number and said we'd hang out sometime. Later that week I got a text from him saying he prayed and felt we'd become really good friends if we hung out. I got that same sense, and as we got to talking he told me about spending a previous semester studying abroad in Austria. I saw a picture of him serving Mass at the Vatican and how I wished I could have that same experience. Gabe would help me apply for the program, offered me a $1000 scholarship our school was going to give to him, and kept in touch with me ever since that summer. He challenges me to grow spiritually and is currently discerning the priesthood.

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Maid of Honor

Maria Resuta

Maria is my oldest-younger sister and she is definitely made of honor in her own fiery, determined personality. But if you ever want to sing Les Miserables while washing dishes, she's your girl! Maria can make any experience fun and has been my main dance partner and fellow choreographer through all the years of ballet to competitive Irish Dance, to Irish Dance club in college. She is so creative and thoughtful in planning for others from games for her little siblings to starting her own small business. I'm blessed to have her at my side as a sister and friend. She is currently studying Communications Arts at Franciscan University of Steubenville.   



Stevie Resuta

Stevie is Jessica's eldest brother and one of the sweetest men you'll ever meet. Always willing to offer a helping hand and asking about your day, Stevie's constant care for other's wellbeing can easily be overlooked by his humility. That's why he's discerning a vocation with the Capuchin Franciscans --- to serve others as he has his entire life. His example is an inspiration for how I hope to serve our community and the family Jessica and I will build together. 


Julia Hager

When I first met Julia my freshman year at Franciscan University, I was instantly struck by her glowing smile and joyful attitude. I asked myself, "Is she for real?" and nearly four years later the answer is absolutely yes! From exploring cute coffee shops in Austria to trekking through the Holy Land, to surviving long study nights through laughter and encouragement, Julia is a strong and amazing woman who I have learned so much from. She works, lives, and loves intensely and to the fullest, but always with a joyful and positive approach!      



Julian Gregorio

Julian and I met at a journalism conference the summer of my freshman year of college. We'd see each other in these circles and he'd end up asking me to room with him the summer I interned in Washington D.C. In between working out and his studies for law school, one of us would grab each other to sit down and read a chapter of the Bible every day. He's a great guy, and has a great family. His twin brother is Dominic. Julian's currently studying at the University of Notre Dame Law School.



Gianna Resuta

Gianna may be my younger sister, but she has some of the most admirable tenacity I've ever seen. Gianna gives %100 to all she does and she does it all very well, be it cooking, dancing, video editing or just loving her family. She is a mighty young lady with a very sweet heart, but a powerful kick in her Irish Dance shoes. You always want Gianna on your team!  



Nick Resuta

Jessica's second eldest brother Nick is a fierce Catholic and loves to have a good time. Since he and Jessica were close in age, they've been good friends since they were children. I owe Nick my first time really talking with Jessica during our semester abroad in Austria. We were in the computer lab and I was looking for a place to charge my laptop. I was feeling nostalgic and looking for a place to watch a video of a game I played from my childhood. I noticed Jessica sitting on the couch so I figured why not watch it while sitting next to the prettiest girl in the room? Come to find out, Nick had introduced Jessica to this game, as well as many other interests we had in common so we easily struck up a conversation. Today, we all share a love of memes and media but beyond that, Nick is a man's man, a great guy, and I can't wait to call him my brother on our wedding day!



Ellie Ward

Mix fashionista and friendship in a teacup and you have the lovely Ella Victoria Ward. With a heart as beautiful as her name, Ellie has been a dear friend since my freshman year of college. If you visit our college apartment there's a good chance you would catch the two of us in a lively discussion on faith, politics or a killer pair of heels, all while making lattes or stirring pasta. Ellie and I have much alike from our love of Pride and Prejudice (Kiera Knightly first!) to dressing up for any occasion, but I've also learned so much from her gentle holiness and ability to approach every situation with thoughtfulness and encouragement.  



Dominic Gregorio



Francesca Resuta

Say hello to Francesca Pauline Resuta! Yes, she is the smallest of my sisters but she is the biggest burst of sunshine and sweetness you will meet.  Franny is usually in the middle of all the action with sophistication edged in sass, but this doesn't stop her from being incredibly loving and thoughtful. She always has your back and truly sees the best in people and any situation. A purely authentic sweetheart! 



Chris Resuta

Chris is Jessica's 3rd eldest brother and the most tasteful young man I've ever met. From his appreciation for figure skating to his own amazing career as a champion Irish dancer, his love for the arts---beautiful music, dancing and showmanship--is a joy to share in. From late nights playing Mario Kart to learning about the lives and backstories of his favorite athletes, Chris loves to have fun, sharing his desire for personal excellence with everyone. At his core is the loving heart of a man who loves his family, his team and our Lord. Wherever God leads him someday, Chris will be a blessing and source of strength to those around him. He's already extremely impressive and that's why I know he's walking on the path to greatness and God has big things in store for him.



Mariel Pugh

I met Mariel during our freshman orientation at Franciscan and we connected instantly through our love of dance, life and the Lord. You could catch the two of us attending our freshman year, and with all of Franciscan's households and clubs, that's a lot to twirl and bop through! Ultimately though, Mariel has been such a faithful friend and a great support to me. She is fun and joyful, but also has so much love, honesty and authenticity. Even during the times where we haven't seen each other in months, we're always able to reconnect with laughter and understanding. She's a real gem! 

Dominic didn't pose for this picture. It's just pure Dominic haha. I met him at the same conference I met his twin brother Julian, and the two of these knuckleheads know how to have a good time. Julian and I would visit him in Philadelphia the summer of my Junior year, we'd see each other at journalism conferences and they'd come to visit me while I was working in New York. Dominic is a goofball, but a deeply holy person. His family somewhat jokingly referred to him as Father Dominic growing up, but he is currently studying to become a medical doctor...


Jeremiah Poff 

Jeremiah is a man of strong opinions and takes his faith very seriously. We got to know each other while he wrote for one of the student publications I ran in college, and continued to support one another in our journalism careers and faith. I've learned a lot from our debates, and his perceptiveness for political issues is an excellent source for consulting. Though our friendship I met my Best Man, Gabe. Today Jeremiah's graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville and works in Washington D.C.



Sara Moceri

If you ever wanted to meet someone who listens to every person they encounter with the most genuine interest and compassion, look no further than Sara Moceri! I've known Sara since our freshman year at Franciscan and she brings so much light and happiness to the table starting with her beautiful smile. From rooming with Sara and Julia in Austria, to working together to ground our newly founded household Sophomore year, Sara has been a constant source of encouragement and consistency as a friend.    

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Tony Resuta

I love this little guy so much I can hardly stand it! He's the sweetest young man I've ever met, always welcoming, always curious, always happy to see you and always willing to sacrifice. Though he can be a little mischievous, Tony's heart is bigger than his tiny body. He's an Irish dancer, a loving brother, a faithful Catholic and a little angel. He's the youngest of Jessica's brothers, but I know he will grow up to be a strong and amazing man someday.



Madeleine Austin

Madeleine and I met through a mutual friend my sophomore year at Franciscan, but it wasn't until we both studied abroad in Austria the next semester that we really got to know each other and became friends. I remember the two of us and Julia going for drinks (legally, this was Europe!) at the little bar called the Keller (basement or celler in German) in the hotel/monastery we were living in. Julia had to go early and normally I would be just the slightest bit nervous left speaking with someone I didn't know as well, but with Madeleine it was the opposite. We started talking so easily about our families, interests and studies and almost three years later, we haven't stopped! Madeleine is such a classy lady, who is a wonderful balance of soft-spoken determination and confidence. Pair that with being a fantastic friend and a kind, lovely person.