Your presence is gift enough, but we would graciously accept gifts from any of the 4 registries listed below.

Thank you!

Jessica and William


Our most EXPANSIVE registry has gifts in all ranges of prices and categories!

Polish Pottery

We would gratefully accept a place setting from our registry on They sell BEAUITFUL handmade pottery from Poland and SUPPLY IS LIMITED. They only restock twice a year, but there should be enough in stock for us to get a complete set before our wedding.


There are 4 pieces in a setting, including:

  • 1 "T-132/Plate 26" (Dinner plate),

  • 1 "K-090/Bubble M" (Dinner Mug)

  • Either a "M-100/Scallop Bowl" 16 (Soup Bowl) or "M-089/Bowl G15" (Soup Bowl)

  • Either a "T-130/Plate 17" (Desert Plate) or a "T-131/Plate 18" (Desert Plate).

If you are purchasing us Polish Pottery please call the store and let them know it is for the Resuta-Nardi wedding so they can update our registry inventory and we know when the sets have been completed. Their number is (816) 640-2300. You can also purchase over the phone if that is easier! 


This registry features our picks for Cups, Glassware, Towels and Assorted household gifts!

Home Depot

Essentials for the man of the house.​